“ I highly recommend the Interview Me CD to any Teen, Miss, and Mrs. pageant contestant. The questions are creative, interesting, and enlightening. It is an indispensable, must-have resource pageant contestants need in order to prepare for a successful pageant interview in one, useful, portable package. The information is presented in a conversational, easy-to-follow tone. I am confident that this unique product will greatly enhance interview performance for any pageant contestant. ”

Diane Tucker
Mrs. America 2006
Mrs. World 2007

" What an invaluable preparation tool...as a pageant competitor, I love this CD because it challenges me - on my own time and at my own pace - while building self-confidence. No more will I think of the interview or the on-stage question with uncertainty! As a director for MidAtlantic Perfect Pageants, where I have girls as young as 11, teens and young women up to age 29, as well as women 30 and beyond, I'm recommending this CD to all the gals who enter...and as a mentor and tutor to girls and women competing in other systems, I suggest this CD as the 'must-have' in their competition preparation repertoire! "

Ginny Meerman
Director, MidAtlantic Perfect Pageants
Mrs. Atlantic Coast Galaxy 2011
Mrs. Maryland US 2009
Mrs. Virgin Islands International 2008
Mrs. Virgin Islands US 2007
(Top 10 @ Mrs. United States)

“ Ingenuity. I can remember competing in my first pageant 20 years ago and searching for any and every tool to help me with the interview competition. It is so easy to consume your pageant preparation with wardrobe, workouts and talent practice while neglecting what I feel is the most important competition - interview. I attribute my good fortune of success in both pageantry and the corporate world to my intense interview preparation. I applaud Lauralyn for the ingenuity of creating Interview Me, a tool that will allow young girls and women to focus and practice a portion of pageantry that will not only positively affect their pageant performance but also life skills. ”

Andrea Preuss
Mrs. United States 2003
Mrs. America 2006

“ I love Interview Me! As a contestant and a pageant mom, I am excited to be able to use these CD’s to enhance both my interview skills as well as my daughter’s. Between working out, biking across America for my platform, making appearances and of course caring for my family, my time is limited and I have to make every second count. Interview Me is a great addition to my pageant preparations and I am lucky to have it."

Tiffany Ellison
Mrs. California United States
(2nd Runner-Up Nationals)
Mrs. California America
(Top Ten Nationals)
Mrs. California International

“For as long as I can remember I have watched pageants (my whole family is involved), so you can imagine my excitement when it finally became my turn to compete! My Mom said the most important thing I will ever learn from pageants is how to interview. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it can be really hard to sit across from an adult judge and have them ask you questions that sometimes you just don’t know what they mean. That’s why my Mom and I were so excited to hear about the Princess Edition of “Interview Me”! Now I can work on my interview at my own pace and in the process learn a lot about myself. I will never again be intimidated to walk into an interview, because this CD prepared me for just about anything a judge might throw at me. I have many years ahead of me before I can stand on the Miss America stage but I can tell you when that day comes…you better watch out because I will be prepared! Peace out ”

Savannah Ellison
Future Miss America

“ FINALLY-someone who gets our time restraints and can read our minds….This is the product we all wished we had years ago!!! As a pageant contestant, board member, consultant, coach, store owner, title holder and promoter of many different pageant systems, I can honestly say that the Interview Me CD’s should be a contestant’s first purchase when preparing for a pageant. Before the gown, before swimsuit, before the jewelry, this product is your first step in preparing you for a successful and well-practiced interview. I too am a believer that the crown is first won in the interview and Interview Me will give each contestant the practice that she so desperately needs to hear herself answer questions out loud and to help gauge the length of her answers. When you’re in ‘pageant mode’ TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Interview Me is the only product that takes you to the gym, or to your child’s soccer game or driving to work while still being engaged in your interview and keeping your goals of winning that title with you through your entire day. Interview Me is also the perfect tool and a MUST HAVE for every pageant coach! Jumpstart your clients’ interview sessions with this perfect homework accessory! I know my clients felt more prepared to meet with me for the first time because they already had several mock interviews with their CD’s. Interview Me’s different levels of are perfect for every client-regardless of their level of competition! You simply cannot afford to make every moment of your preparation count! ”

Elizabeth Amar
Mrs. Idaho America 2006
Owner, Venue Pageant & Prom