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About Lauralyn

When Lauralyn entered her first pageant at age 16, her goal was to go and have a good time and then maybe try to come back the next year and win. After winning 4 of the 5 areas of competition along with the state title, she was off to her first national pageant (not knowing a darn thing) and was hooked! Lauralyn continued to compete for the next several years and loved the confidence and experience that she gained each time she stepped on the stage. Lauralyn has competed in multiple systems including Miss T.E.E.N., Miss America, Mrs. America and Mrs. International and has won top awards in interview as well as placed in the top ten at the national level. With 25 years of pageant experience (competing, producing, directing, coaching and judging) Lauralyn has developed a great love and appreciation for the positive influence that pageants can have on a contestant’s life. That love did however take a back seat to the love of her high school sweetheart, Marc, and their five beautiful children. They were blessed with four handsome boys (Taylor, Spencer, Grant & M’Kay) and one daring daughter (McCall). With seven people in the Salinas family there is never a dull moment! Most of the time you will find them at football games, wrestling tournaments, tennis matches, cross-country meets, baseball games, cheerleading practice and piano recitals. It should come as no surprise that they are also Boise State Bronco Football Season Ticket Holders! (Go Big Blue) Besides her family’s activities, Lauralyn keeps herself very busy volunteering with the Columbia Wildcat Wrestling Boosters, PAL Cheerleading, Komen for the Cure, Rachel’s Challenge and The Ronald McDonald House. Lauralyn is a popular youth speaker and is grateful for the many opportunities that have allowed her to share her motivational message with others.

About Interview Me

Do you want to drastically improve your judge’s interview? Completely ace your onstage question? Eliminate the butterflies from your stomach? Well, I’m not sure if there is a cure for that last one but with Interview Me your scores are sure to improve. This collection of CD’s is a “Mock Interview” on the go that can be used anytime, anywhere. We all know that pageants can be won or lost in the interview and with a little extra effort you can be on your way to top scores with the judges. Each CD has 50 questions with a thirty second pause in between each one. The beauty of this product is that you can download it to your music device and be ready to interview at anytime. One of the greatest features is that each question is recorded as its own separate track so when you hit “shuffle” you will get your questions in random order, resulting in a new mock interview every time you practice.

In most pageants the interview score makes up a large percentage of your overall scores. Why is it then that contestants don’t even think twice about spending thousands and thousands of dollars on their hair, make-up and wardrobe but invest very little into their interview. Remember, this is where you make your first impression and you want it to be a lasting one. INVEST IN YOURSELF TODAY! Having a great interview makes that gorgeous evening gown stand out just a little bit more on stage!

Interview Me is a collection of five CD’s with four different volumes for contestants competing in the Teen, Miss and Mrs. divisions and one Princess CD appropriate for younger girls and pre-teens. The questions on Volumes I, II, III and IV are appropriate for the teen, miss and Mrs. Divisions but are asked using the word ‘Miss’. There may be one or two questions that don’t apply to you such as “tell me what you most admire about your husband.” That question obviously can’t be answered by a teen contestant but it can either be skipped, or can be answered it as if the question were asked “tell me what you most admire about your father.” You get the idea!

These CD’s were designed to help you take advantage of your precious time while preparing for your pageant. Interview Me can help you multi-task since you can practice while working out, getting a pedicure or cooking dinner! The key word in this is PRACTICE!!! Commit to answering a few questions every day and before you know it, you will interview like a pro.

If you are ready to take your interview to the highest competitive level, order Interview Me today and start investing in you!